Tornado Racing Cams Spenge, Germany

We are very satisfied with our Aquablast 915. The support from Vixen is very good and our customers are happy with the like-new finish!

Tornado Racing Cams

Our customers Tornado Racing Cams (TRC) in Spenge, Germany, purchased an Aquablast 915 from Vixen in 2020.

Established in 1977, the company offers advice and services on pistons, camshafts, cylinder head design and crankshafts. TRC have over 100,000 individual parts in stock.

TRC also offer a cleaning service where they process cylinders and cylinder heads off of motorcycle engines using the Aquablast machine. Everything from one to four cylinders is included and they have blast cleaned entire engine housings and crankshafts in the vapor blasting machine.

Before purchasing our Aquablast 915, the company was using an ultrasonic machine with unsatisfactory results. Now, with our wet blasting machine, the team are very impressed with the "faster and more thorough results."

Elke Weinzierl from Tornado Racing Cams, said:

“Before purchasing the Aquablast from Vixen we used cold cleaning or ultrasonic methods. The Aquablast is much faster and above all, much more thorough. It’s a great advantage that the water blast gun can be directed to target specific areas of the part so only those areas are cleaned.”

The Aquablast 915 is ideal for this type of industry. The compact design is suitable for any workshop with a dust-free process, so when space is limited – the 915 can easily be installed.

The machine uses water mixed with abrasive to gently clean and surface finish parts for resale.

TRC are very enthusiastic about the results and would recommend the Vixen machine to others.

They went on to say:

“We are very satisfied with our Aquablast 915. The support from Vixen is very good and our customers are happy about the like-new finish!”

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